Mt. Kearsarge

Iroquois Cook Book

Iroquois Three Sisters Soup, Pemmican (meatless), and Muckleshoot Pudding are just some of the interesting recipes in this ever popular little cookbook. The Native American recipes have been adapted for modern techniques and ingredients.


Drawing with Great Needles

"For thousands of years humans have been aware of the capacity of their bodies to bear permanent markings, and cultures have devised body modification and rituals to define, classify, decorate, enhance, and sanctify themselves and others." - from Introduction by Carol Diaz-Granados and Aaron Deter-Wolf

Drawing with Great Needles is the first book-length scholarly examination into the antiquity, meaning, and significance of Native American tattooing in the Eastern Woodlands and Great Plains.


Tales of the Penacooks

From the Authors Forward text - "Living lonely lives, with few forms of amusement, our forefathers were versatile storytellers, and as they had very few printed books to read, they very naturally had a larger stock of oral tales then we do today."

This is the first book of these stories. It has been signed by the editor, Edward Lodi.


Dawnland Voices

An Anthology of Indigenous writing from New England Edited by Siobhan Senier.

This pathbreaking anthology includes both classic and contemporary literary works from ten New England indigenous nations.


Shapeshifted Peace

Passaconaway’s Pacification of Settlers by Stephen W.F. Berwick.

This book takes up where Shapeshifter’s Peace left off. The story begins with an overview of European reasons for colonizing as well as the legal documents that authorize the colonization.


Shapeshifter’s Peace

Passaconaway’s Path to Peace by Stephen W. F. Berwick.

The past is all around us, hidden and waiting to be seen; those things remembered or recorded wrongly, waiting to be righted -- past wrongs waiting to be made right.