Mt. Kearsarge

Dreamcatcher, 6 inch

Catch all your dreams at night. Let the good dreams filter through and let the bad ones burn up in the morning sun!

So say the Native American legends.

Certified Navajo design and craftsmanship
Assorted colors. Our choice, but you can make a request at checkout.


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Replica Bear Claw Necklace

In Native American culture only exceptional leaders and warriors might earn the right to wear the bear claw.

Doesn't your exceptional little warrior deserve to wear this necklace?

Replica/artificial 2" long bear claw on brown leather thong. Comes in clear plastic case. Made in China.


What are Wetlands?

The constantly changing ecosystems of salt and freshwater wetlands support an amazing variety of wildlife species. Children will be intrigued by the fascinating animals, such as alligators and hippopotamuses, that depend on wetlands and the ways in which wetland plants and animals depend upon one another.
Paperback Grades 3 - 6


Baby Animals in Wetland Habitats

Captivating photos of baby alligators and crocodiles, raccoons, herons, opossums, turtles, and other animals show children which animals are found in wetlands across North America. Readers will get a close-up look at animals that live in the water as well as near it and discover how the animals' lives change as the seasons change.
Paperback Grades K - 3


Meadow Food Chains

Beautiful photographs and illustrations highlight the plants and animals that live in the grassy meadow areas at the edges of forests and along the banks of rivers and lakes.
Paperback Grades 3 - 6


The Arctic Habitat

The Arctic Habitat provides children with an introduction to this cold, vast region. Easy-to-read text and colorful photographs help children learn about this unique habitat and how the plants and animals have adapted to the harsh environment.
Paperback Grades K - 3


Decorated Flute

14 inch decorated flute. Leather, plastic beads, feathers. Not a native product, made in China.