Help Needed!

Volunteer and help out at MKIM

If you could give a little of your time to help out at the Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum you will be doing more than helping the Museum, you will also be helping our community and, we're sure you will enjoy it.

Volunteers are a vital part of the MKIM community. There is something meaningful to being a part of MKIM. Our volunteers help with everything from public outreach and special events to behind the scenes support. Volunteers are united by a desire to give back to their communities while individually representing a variety of backgrounds and interests. Whether volunteers are Native Americans or non-Natives, each person contributes while sharing a common interest in our mission. When volunteers donate their time to help achieve that mission, they help us preserve the past, energize the present and prepare for the future.

Join us! Here are some ways to get involved. Training or guidance is provided as needed. The amount of time required varies, as some volunteer tasks are annual while others are on-going.

Gallery Host – Share your love of the Museum with others by assisting museum visitors during festivals and special events. Gallery Hosts walk the museum and assist visitors with questions they may have about the artifacts, interacting with hands-on displays, and maintaining proper museum etiquette…always with a smile! Gallery Hosts will receive training to familiarize them with some of the more common questions asked by visitors as well as to deepen their own knowledge of museum customs and courtesies. You are not expected to know all the facts about the artifacts!

Set Up/Clean Up Crews– We can’t get started or call it a successful day without you! Set Up/Clean Up Crew members help Mt. Kearsarge staff members make sure that tables, chairs, rooms, displays, and whatnot are properly arranged prior to events and put away at the end of the day. No special skills required other than willing hands and hearts.

“Give Away” People – Can you bake or cook? Your skills are needed! Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum hosts events where people come together from hours away. It’s nice to welcome guests with a bite to eat. We often need people to bake ahead, serve food, or flip burgers, so showcase your skills and help the Museum raise a little ‘dough’.

Children’s Craft Assistant– Help the next generation learn the ways of past generations and continue the circle. Children’s Craft Guides work with younger guests to inspire creativity and understanding through hands on demonstrations of Native American arts, crafts and games. Share your knowledge or learn crafting and games from one of our experts, and pass on the tradition. Volunteers must be willing to laugh at least as much as the children, if not more.

Parking Assistant– Did you ever want to tell someone where to go? This may be the job for you. During high volume turnout events, Mt. Kearsarge must have volunteers able to maximize the most of our limited parking area. Getting people to arrive, park, and leave in a safe and expeditious fashion is the goal. Radios and vests will be provided.

Visitor Comfort/Admissions Assistant Be the helpful person that you are! Visitor Comfort/Admissions Assistant personnel perform ticketing duties, hand stamping, and passing out event brochures. Additional duties may include tending “Lost and Found”, providing water, and light first aid.

Helping Hands– Among the things that make Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum unique are its grounds and facilities, but they need care and upkeep. Helping Hands share their time with general housekeeping and maintenance issues. Medicine Woods Trail upkeep, planting, gardening, painting, and interior projects help keep the museum property a warm and welcoming environment for all.

Library Assistant – Do you love books? Help maintain the largest Native American book collection in the state. Process donated books, help the public locate books of interest and assist with research requests. Available year round.

Office Assistant– Data entry is my thing! I like to file more than anything! Type, copy, file, online research, preparing mailings, and all things related. Available year round.

Outreach Ambassador – Travel to exotic places like Manchester, Nashua and Lincoln! Get free admission to events! Meet and greet the public at the MKIM information and membership booth at fairs and events. Available year round.

Publicity Assistant Having top notch collections and exciting programs/events won’t make a difference if no one knows about them. Put your artistic talents and computer skills to work creating flyers, designing advertisements, writing press releases and drafting newsletters. Help is also needed to post flyers in the local area prior to events. Available year round.

Contact us to see how you can help or better still, visit and talk to us.